PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment


Safety in the work place is of the utmost importance, which is why you cannot comprise on the equipment that helps keep you safe. Allied World is a supplier of Dromex branded safety equipment. Dromex boasts incredible quality of product at very affordable prices. We believe that no one should compromise on quality and this is therefore achievable with the Dromex brand. Browse our categories below to find the product that suits you best.

Power Tools and Accessories

Power Tools & Accessories

Matus has established itself as the leading tool wholesaler in the country for over 75 years.

Matus boasts brands such as Hitashi Power Tools, Fox Euroboor, Fascor and Kendo to name a few.

Matus offers the following categories of supply: Power Tools, Accessories, Generators, Compressors and Air Tools, Welding Equipment, Automotive, Hand Tools, Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing, Garden and Home, Fasteners and Fittings, D├ęcor, Abrasives, Adhesives, Lubricants and Sealants.

Welding Equipment and Supplies

Welding Equipment & Supplies

ESAB is a world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. Their innovative, world-renowned equipment and solutions are developed with input from their customers and built with the expertise and heritage of a global manufacturing leader.

We are proud to offer their products to you with a local footprint.